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    • Very smooth conveyence
    • Man power reduction
    • Less time consumption
    • Easy Towable Transport
    • Many more.


    Slat conveyors consist of endless chains, driven by electric motors operating through reduction gears and sprockets, with attached spaced slats to carry objects that would damage a belt because of sharp edges or heavy weights.


    Slat Chain Conveyor are used for goods which are heavy weights or sharp edges. They are suitable for conveying hot and oily industrial material. it is commonly used on appliance assembly line and it can also use in wet environment application.

    Product Details

    Product Name Slat Conveyor
    Length As per Requirement
    Capacity As per Requirement
    Material Aluminium, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel
    Operating Speed Customized
    Belt Width As per Requirement
    Design Standard, Customized
    Colour Any
    Brand Titan
    Condition New