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    We provide an extensive range of floor crane in different capacities with remarkable versatility for a wide range of jobs. These floor cranes are designed and developed by us for greater mobility and easy application. With large diameter steel wheels and dual swivel casters with pivoted steering handle, positioning is quick, easy and accurate with less operator workload.

    Product Details

    Product Name Manual Hydraulic Floor Crane
    Capacity 500 Kgs to 3000 Kgs.
    Overall length 1450 to 2100 mm.
    Over all width 1000 to 1260 mm.
    Over all Ht 1550 to 2100 mm.
    Lowest Hook ht 300 to 450mm.
    Highest Hook ht 2700 to 3400mm.
    Min Boom length 1250 to 1450 mm.
    Max Boom Length 1550 to 1900 mm.
    Wheel Diameter 200 mm.